October 11, 2021

URGENT ACTION: Plaintiffs Needed!

Attorney Stephen Joncus, of Joncus Law, Happy Valley, Oregon, is preparing to file a lawsuit that would be accompanied by a request for a Temporary Restraining Order and then a Preliminary Injunction seeking an Order from the Federal Court preventing the State from enforcing Governor Brown’s vaccine mandates until the case is completed on the merits.

Plaintiffs can be anyone affected by Governor Brown’s vaccine mandates including health care workers and state employees such as teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. This includes those who are still in their positions and took the COVID-19 injection only because of the extreme coercion and threats of unemployment.

It is a clear violation of the principle of informed consent, and these shots are and have been experimental products all along, so the Constitutional violation is also clear, and well laid out in case law.

Additionally, if he can find 20 plaintiffs at one hospital/clinic or health care “entity,” he will sue that corporation as well. He intends to take this all the way!

If you have already taken the vaccines in accordance with the mandate, you still have standing to be included in this lawsuit because the mandates will not stop unless this is not stopped now. Mandates for boosters have the potential to remove you from ‘fully vaccinated’ status and be forced upon you indefinitely.  Therefore, this egregious, unethical, and illegal overreach into your right to choose what is best for you will not stop until we unite to stop it and it must be stopped now. You can also join if you want to keep your name anonymous—you will be listed as a Jane or John Doe instead of your actual name.

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