July 03, 2021

The Role of Metabolic Health in COVID-19 Infection Outcomes

By Dr. Michelle Mattingly

Huh. You don’t say?
We heard “stay home, save lives” for months, but viruses virus.
We heard “kids might kill granny”, yet our children are now the brunt of brutal suffering and droves of studies proved otherwise about granny-killing.
We’ve heard “masks save lives”, but now the latest RCT shows huge potential harm. And masks are magically gone.
We heard “do your part for others” yet we did nothing for ourselves.
We heard “vacc up and get a free donut, joint, beer, pizza”, etc, etc, and yet…
We were called conspirators and anti-this, pro-that, a political and character defamation campaign to stifle the naysayers (harbingers of truth) in order to keep the public safe.

We were told to praise and listen to the man who says, “attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science”, yet not a whisper from him about optimizing health and ways to actually save lives (and don’t forget his blatant conflicts of interests, distribution of funding, patents, and his historical record).

Yet here we are, 18 months in, the average weight gain hovering around 30lbs, addictions increased, chronic diseases overwhelming the healthcare system (with years more to come), humans suffering from the effects of the rona spike protein, more and more injuries from the vacc, aggressive suppression and censoring of viable, safe treatments, and yet, the freight train of deceit drones on.

As I may have mentioned, optimizing YOUR individual health saves lives. We have one lifetime in this body. Make it count. Do not live in fear. Choose to live life and choose love. You can change your health at any time.

Yes, it is a process. No, it is not easy. But it certainly is simple.

Shelter from the cytokine storm: Healthy living is a vital preventative strategy in the COVID-19 era (Science Direct)