May 21, 2021

The COVID-19 Vaccines: A Review

By Dr. Michelle Mattingly

The power of medical intervention to save a life is not lost on me. I’ve experienced it firsthand, in one of the most raw and nearly tragic scenarios. My firstborn was conceived during my fourth year in Naturopathic/acupuncture school. I was fervid about how I envisioned her birth: at home, in bliss, midwife at the ready, a natural entry into the loving arms of an organic mother. The best laid plans, as they say. At 38 weeks, my vision shifted on a dime and I found myself admitted to the hospital, absent labor but my body steadily failing from HELLP syndrome, swiftly circling the drain of (the dreaded) DIC. After huge life-saving intervention, I awoke from my general anesthesia to a morphine drip, a drugged haze, and a beautiful healthy daughter nursing on my near lifeless right teat (aka “old trusty”). The timing of this experience for my purist self was impeccable, and I had a newfound respect for allopathy, even beyond my years of training and work in emergency medicine. I was both humbled and grateful.

Before I continue on, I will also remind you, my open-minded readers, of my experiences with death. I had the brutally bittersweet privilege to support both my parents, albeit 12 years apart, through the physical deterioration from cancer, ironically the same type, despite its manifesting in hugely different ways. Throughout their respective months of suffering, I saw their once healthy bodies waste before my eyes, their freedom and dignity steadily whittled away decades before their due. My own mortality taunted me as their lives ended, and I stood, unbuffered on the edge of the cliff that is being mortal. As I gazed down the bottomless abyss, I made peace with death, loss, and grief. I was forced to embrace it as a poignant part of living. Do I wish this upon anyone? No way. But I stand in reality that death is an inevitable part of life. I hope you do, too.

Oh how I wish my own children had their GP and ZieZie to share this lifetime with them. I tell you this not to tug at your heart strings, but to preemptively quell your presumptions of my callousness, in hopes you remember the bliss and tragedy that most of us have and/or will endure. We are human, after all.

I digress.

I have always been a renegade. This chaotic year has only sharpened that blade of non-conformity, of questioning, of digging in places that others won’t (or can’t), of speaking out unabashedly about things for which I have tremendous passion. Am I right? I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. But I’m asking questions. I’m diving deep. I’m connecting with others who aren’t afraid to do the same. I’m researching constantly, in such a way that it weighs heavily on my soul. Many nights I wake with fright about prion disease and spike protein mutations, or, admittedly, end of days apocalyptic scenarios where I am usually wielding some sort of brutal weapon, also with spikes.

As with most mothers, I would lay down my life for the sake of my children. I am not their keeper, nor their teacher; I am their launching pad and I’ll be damned if I won’t make it a hell of a buoyant springboard into their respective futures. So now I will come to my point, or at least the start of it.

This year has destroyed the lives of our children. They are inundated with fear and confusion, they have been isolated, robbed of opportunities and experiences deserved by all children. They were banished from playgrounds, sent to sit in front of screens for hours, berated for not turning in virtual assignments, deemed killers of our elders. Some were starved and beaten, thieved of the sanctuary of school. They remain masked, facial cues stolen by fabric and plastic. They are now inspired to fear each other, to be afraid of human touch, hugs, even a smile. They are forbidden to interact in unidirectional hallways, are forced to eat outside in 20° weather, masking between bites. They are doused with toxic sanitizers and sprays, laden with impetigo and forced to experience life through the lens of adult fear and mandates. We should be absolutely ashamed of ourselves, and I beg for their understanding and forgiveness for the burdens we have imposed upon them, possibly for a lifetime.

And now, now a rushed experimental agent is available under emergency authorization (EUA, which is not approval) for as young as 12 year-olds. Experiments continue on all age groups, including babies as young as 6 months old. That’s right, babies. Pregnant and nursing women are being pressured, coerced and encouraged to take these products. There have been no safety trials during pregnancy, because that would be considered unethical. So instead, the magic wand of “safety” has been waved, both ignoring history and potentially abolishing futures. Teens in my state at the wise old age of 15 can take these injections without parental consent and are being bribed to do so at vacc clinics ON CAMPUS (with adults comparing it to free school lunches or eye exams). The dangling carrot is no more quarantine, no more shame, no more fear of killing grandma, no more peer pressure, unrestricted access to sports (well, still masked outdoors), or even the ability to attend college. Peer pressure when I was a kid meant a joint on the soccer field, a sip of Boone’s Farm, or a dare to jump off a cliff into the Chattahoochee. Although those all had their cost, they most certainly wouldn’t change the course of my life forever.

Are our children the drivers of this illness? See my references and decide for yourself. Are they dying in droves? Referenced. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of said experimental products and see how we feel about this live, endless, scientific trial on our youth. Strangely, I know families who buy all organic and non-GMO foods, use chemical-free household products, avoid sugar and food dyes, but these same parents are all about the vacc for their children. Yes, I might be off the rails. Sure, this might cause me to be judged, de-platformed, or worse. But things just hit way too close to home for this woman because we are talking about our KIDS.

And this is no ordinary injection.

Two colleagues of mine just published an article discussing many potential problems, and emphasizing the word “unprecedented” as relevant to, well, this entire year, but also specifically to this category of product, and I quote:

“1. First to use PEG (polyethylene glycol) in an injection

2. First to use mRNA vacc technology against an infectious agent

3. First time Moderna has brought any product to market

4. First to have public health officials telling those receiving the vaccination to expect an adverse reaction

5. First to be implemented publicly with nothing more than preliminary efficacy data

6. First vaccine to make no clear claims about reducing infections, transmissibility, or deaths

7. First coronavirus vacc ever attempted in humans

8. First injection of genetically modified polynucleotides in the general population”

For certain adults, these might be reasonable risks. Adults have the autonomy and (hopefully) informed consent to make that decision for themselves. As with any medical procedure, there should always be a thorough PARQ and a freedom to choose. Remember “my body, my choice”? Many activists have fought tirelessly for body autonomy and sovereignty. Nothing should be different now.

Developing children are a completely different story. Let me start by reminding you we have NO long term data. None. These safety trials on kids were months in the making, with a very low N-value (aka small sampling). In other words, they were rushed. They are also not the drivers nor the victims of this pandemic. Their herd immunity is better attained through being in school, whilst the virus attenuates among them. Throw in a little vitamin D, exercise, fresh air, healthy foods and social interaction and you have a recipe for robust immunity.

Some of you may remember the drug thalidomide. It is still FDA approved for leprosy and multiple myeloma (unlike the current injection, which is only EUA, not FDA approved at the time of this writing). In the late 1950’s, it was touted as a wonder drug for sleep and upwards of 20,000 people were taking it, despite not being approved at that time. It wasn’t until 1962 when Frances Kelsey, an inspector for the FDA deemed there were insufficient safety and efficacy data, while babies were being born with malformed limbs, after being used off-label for nausea during pregnancy. This was an historical tragedy, and I remember two classmates in elementary school with severe physical disabilities thanks to this drug. That was about a 3 year process. And it most certainly was NOT administered to kids, despite having devastating effects on fetuses.

How about Diethylstilbestrol (DES)? This was prescribed as an anti-miscarriage drug used from as early as 1938 until, yes the early 1970’s. Although it’s been decades since it was prescribed, we are still seeing the fallout in “DES daughters”, who are plagued with higher cancer rates and infertility. Male descendants of DES exposure have increased genital abnormalities and increased risk of testicular and prostate cancers. It took decades to discover these devastating side effects. Decades.

Yet here we are, after months of warp speed trials, touted as too good to fail, and we are now distributing these experimental drugs to the masses. No holds barred. In fact, the pressure is so high to inject oneself, that threats against basic freedoms such as travel, employment, and even shopping and dining are being laid on the line as bait. Vacc selfies are the new virtue signaling norm as HIPPA has fallen by the wayside. Water cooler discussions culminate in disgust and shame when an unsuspecting soul mentions wanting to watch and wait or having underlying health risks such as allergies or is just choosing NOT TO. I’ve yet to see a selfie of prostate exams or mammograms (thankfully), yet everyone is thrilled to share their vacc card and band aid and is shamelessly willing to call out anyone who isn’t on board. Joe Rogan dared to comment on his belief that a young, healthy 20-something should probably not take this injection and he has been completely ostracized for not having a medical degree. Yet many have been bowing to Bill Gates and his weighty influence on global health policy for decades. What degree does he hold? Personally, I would feel much more confident in following Rogan’s health advice than Gates’s. He at least dives into and practices nutrition, supplementation, exercise, spirituality, self-defense, mindfulness, and has no real agenda or investment, aside from being a comedian and someone who used to get people to eat worms. Gates, however? Look up his donation recipients. His hands are in every public health organization worldwide and his selfless altruism has a gargantuan bottom line. One that has grown exponentially in the last year, no less.

As a natural healthcare provider, I have worked with hundreds of children and families over the years. Many who are drawn to my practice lean toward a more staggered vacc schedule. Often patients ask me what I have done with my own children and/or for myself. I choose not to answer this question, as I prefer to educate parents on the risks and benefits, without any bias. What is right for me and my family is not necessarily right for others. It is not my place to influence my patients’ decisions as their practitioner; it is my job to educate and do my best to answer questions and concerns with research, data, and a thorough PARQ. This time however, I feel differently. I cannot in good conscience abide by my Hippocratic oath of First, Do No Harm and simultaneously recommend these poorly tested products for kids and pregnant woman. I will not carry the burden of children being harmed, whether acutely or in months or years to come as the true picture finally becomes clear.

Sadly, our only monitoring system, VAERS is shoddy at best. It is managed by the CDC, yet quoting their data will get you swiftly banned from social media. The deaths are accumulating, but they are deemed coincidental, correlative or coldly dismissed as a death that would have happened anyway. Meanwhile, testing positive (at high cycle thresholds with poorly regulated PCR tests) within 30-60 days of death is considered rona, even if the death was a trauma or end stage cancer. This is egregious and I’m actually getting tired of using that descriptor. And now, the CDC just announced that breakthrough cases (meaning rona cases post full vacc) will only be monitored if hospitalized and/or end in death. These PCR tests will be run at a reasonable cycle threshold of 28. How many of us have been shouting about using Cts under 30 for a year now? The numbers game is not only obvious, it is flagrant.

As a tangent on PCR Cts, I recently called our local hospital lab, where I often order lab work for my patients. I asked the tech about their cycle threshold averages, since they run many of the PCR rona tests for our entire county. She could not answer and went to grab her supervisor. She also could not (would not?) answer my question, sheepishly attempted to tell me it wasn’t really relevant and proceeded to inform me she would have the manufacturer reach out to me to answer my questions. I’m still waiting for that call/email 4 weeks later. Their lab, mind you has always been incredible for me to work with, and they have always answered my questions asap. Until now.

Pharmaceutical companies have notoriously focused on profit, often at the expense of health. Pfizer has paid out billions in fines and has been brought up for felony charges. J&J is plagued with a history of lawsuits. And Moderna has never brought a product such as this to market. None of these companies have liability for these products. I’ve used the car seat and parachute manufacturer analogy before. It is relevant more than ever, now that children are involved. There is very little recourse with injury to any of these products. That is not only disturbing, it is telling.

So in my closing, I’d like to pose a few questions.

Is this virus real? You bet it is. I know plenty of folks who have fallen ill, and have seen the effects on our community and our society as a whole. I am saddened by the loss of life, whether from the virus or from the draconian policies in an attempt to flatten the curve, slow the spread, decrease the burden on hospitals, protect the vulnerable, do your part, mask up, shut your business, eat fast food, stay in your lane, surrender your freedoms and stay home to save lives.

Was it released from a lab? My educated guess based on the evidence I have seen is…most likely. Intentionally? I have no idea and I doubt that. But the gain of function research on this type of virus has been around for years. These types of viruses tend to be less virulent and infective, yet here we are.

Is the testing and data accurate? I’ll answer that with a solid NO. As a scientist and practitioner, I have had my head spinning for months reading studies that contradict each other, hearing the “experts” flip-flopping on a weekly basis, watching highly credentialed and credible individuals be silenced, censored, or even stripped of their licensure or tenure, and seen articles that question the narrative disappear into the ether of big tech “fact checking”. Frustrating, at best, criminal at worst. These are human lives and livelihoods we are talking about. The health and longevity of both our species and our planet lies in the wake.

Is this vacc safe? The bottom line is we don’t know. There just hasn’t been enough time. Control groups have been compromised because many of them have chosen to take the injection. Trials are ongoing for another 1-2 years, but the campaign has been released to the masses before all the data is in. We have no idea. It is new technology. It was fast tracked. There has been little room for opposition and open scientific debate. It has potential for ADE, pathogenic priming, asymptomatic spread, auto-immune conditions, and for driving variants (think overuse of antibiotics) according to many respected professionals. Again, we just don’t know. We do know about anaphylaxis, blood clots, migraines, neurological issues, heart attacks, strokes, embolisms, lymph swelling, menstrual irregularities, miscarriages, and deaths, to name a few. And for kids? We CAN’T know until they fully develop and ultimately start having children of their own. That’s 5-20 years down the line. I will do my metta meditation and hope against all hope that my own apprehension and that of many other respected scientists goes down in history as absolutely incorrect. I wish for that day.

So what is the answer? Individual health. This whole year there has been blatant disregard for the underlying pandemic of terrible health, especially in our nation. It is taboo to speak about health issues. Those at highest risk are our elders, many of whom are on a slurry of medications. Obesity, diabetes, HTN, heart disease, decreased muscle mass, low vitamin D levels; these are all huge underlying factors that increase one’s chance of hospitalization and death. Most are preventable and reversible. Yet we never hear about them in the media or from our supposed public health experts. Isn’t that an oxymoron to discuss public health without even touching on the health of the public? Instead, we are bribing the masses to “do their part” by staying away from the gym and trails but lining up for mass vacc in order to get free donuts and beer for a year. Safer, effective medications have been through bunk trials to discredit them and those same drivers of policy scream “follow the science” as if it is some religious dogma to which we should all blindly bow and never question. We have been told it is our fault, that we are not doing enough to “slow the spread” of an aerosolized virus that is nanoparticles in size. Yet nations and states who chose much different methods have faired comparatively similarly (if not better) and in cases such as NY where elders were most certainly not prioritized, lockdowns have failed in abominable and unconscionable Emmy award-winning ways.

So where are we now? We are at a turning point for the future of our species. We can continue to allow our basic human rights of autonomy, body sovereignty, the freedom to work, travel, socialize and convene to be taken away, or we can choose to own our bodies, step off the current trajectory and take charge of our health and that of our children’s in the way we see fit. We can surrender to the unknown, make peace with our mortality, honor the dying process, support the health of our babies, and allow our planet to thrive by disempowering big ag, big tech, big pharma, and the political chains tied to such entities. We can walk a different path: one of healing, connecting, uniting. That utopian trail of optimal health for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our sweet Mother Earth. Nature wins, every damn time. How about we gracefully bow out of the fight and join her for the blissful ride through time and space, trusting that she has had and will always have the say in how things transpire? How about we sit back in awe and reverence of our body’s innate wisdom and beautiful design?

Thank you for your time, your kindness, your compassion, your willingness to consider, and your openness to respectful dialogue. I am planning on taking a little break from my research and engagement on social media from this topic for my own sanity (and that of my family’s!). I am always open to discussion, but I might not be as responsive as usual, as this took a lot out of me. I have included a few references, but it is a mere sampling of studies I have collected. These are my opinions, based on many months of reading, discussing, listening, observing, and trying my best to understand. They may not be in alignment with your perspective, and that is okay. That is what humanity is about. We each have unique brains, hearts, and souls. Let’s be sure to honor every single one of them.