November 14, 2021

CHD Oregon Is Joined By Free Oregon and Oregonians For Medical Freedom For Rally and March In Portland, Nov. 20

Who is responsible for protecting our children? The people reading this post. ALL OF US. We cannot rely on the government and the few speaking out. For the sake of our children, we need to get out of our comfort zone: Post, Shout, March, do whatever you can. We cannot remain silent any longer.

Join us November 20th for a massive PEACEFUL Portland Rally Against Vaccine Mandates. Come together from all corners of the state to the heartbeat of Oregon and stand for freedom. Stand in Portland together as one. Supported by Free Oregon and Oregonians For Medical Freedom. 

Leave Politics and political signs at home.

Poem by @aubreymarcus:

For those of you who are tired of 

The black and white

The left and right

The writing wrongs.


For those of you tired of

The same old songs

Of anger, hate

“I’m better than you,

Separate from you,

So f*** you.”


The constant fighting

Back biting


White Knighting



We are with you.


And no matter what you see

On the news,

In your instagram views,


You are the majority.


You can own your opinion,

Without the division.


This is United Polarity.


And though it may seem

That this idea is in scarcity

It’s not.


This is the wake up call

To come together

To be together

For the good of all.



Katherine Green, CHD Oregon chapter President

Rachel O’Rourke, CHD Oregon Multnomah County Ambassador

Nurse Rachel, founder Promedical Freedom and part of America’s Frontline Nurses

Dr. Steve Latulippe, part of America’s Frontline Doctors

Steven Jancus, JD

Marc Thielman, Alsea Superintendent

Jackson Calhoun, Teens For Medical Freedom, Portland Mandate Free Farmers’ Market

Ben Edtel, Founder and CEO of Free Oregon


November 20th


501 N. Dixon St.

Portland, OR


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Photo by @soulsofamovement